This Page is Subject to change as I am still in the planning stage, once I have certain factors like which region to start in, a map and some recurring NPC’s to go with whatever I pick. I’ll be sending out an email invite when I’m happy with what I’ve got, and that’s when characters will be made ^^

Character Creation

Please read chapter 3 in the Northlands when taking your Character Creation into consideration.

25 Pt Buy

Races Allowed:
Elf Marked, Gnome, Huginn, Human, Reaver Dwarf, Trollkin

Classes Allowed:
Please Read Chapter 3 in The Northlands when choosing characters.
Core Classes
Barbarian, Bard (Skald Archetype, need to check), Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Oracle, Paladin (Rare read blurb), Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard,
Base Classes
Oracle, Witch.
Alternate Classes
Not allowed.
Hybrid Classes
Not allowed.

Starting Gold
Average for Class

• No Paizo campaign traits allowed.
• All feats, races and archetypes in Northlands legal for play.
• All feats races and archetypes in Northlands legal for play.
• Please read the Items section (Chapter 3, Page 53) in The Northlands regarding additional mundane items, weapons & armour.

Crafting is encouraged – Cosmopolitan towns may be far and few between so being self sufficient could help if it’s a specific item you’re after (Please also note the entry regarding crafting under Home Rules in the forum), so is taking ranks in survival. It’s cold. Very cold.


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